The Funniest Drug

I was woken up 3 hours later by police sirens as the police pulled into the front of my yard. I stumbled into the window, and ran out of my room to find Ryan. I ran down the stairs, and saw him passed out in the bathroom, in the bathtub with his wrists bleeding. I smashed the mirror in the bathroom with my fist for some reason, and ran out the back door and into the corn field in the back of my yard. I kept running through the stalks, until I got to the deepest, darkest spot in the forest of corn. I knelt down to hide from the police, but I kept hearing dogs barking, and could see distant stalks moving. I started crying into my hands, and when I removed them Ryan was there with me. He told me to run with him to the distant caves, and I ran with him. But we were in a jungle now. This shit was weird.

I woke up in my backyard about 2 hours later, underneath a wheel barrow. I went inside and found Ryan not to be there, and I was still tripping. I realized that my life was like Groundhog’s Day, and that I could kill myself and come back the next day. So I ran my head into the wall 3 times, and lost consciousness.

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